2 Cor. 1:12-14 – A life of integrity.

My sermon notes for Sunday, Nov 25th  as we continue a study through 2 Corinthians.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  To see the sermon each week or subscribe to the weekly sermon podcast please visit http://www.fbcap.net


2 Corinthians 1:12–14 – [12] For our boast is this, the testimony of our conscience, that we behaved in the world with simplicity and godly sincerity, not by earthly wisdom but by the grace of God, and supremely so toward you. [13] For we are not writing to you anything other than what you read and understand and I hope you will fully understand—[14] just as you did partially understand us—that on the day of our Lord Jesus you will boast of us as we will boast of you. (ESV)



Paul was defending his ministry.  He was being attacked as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. (His life and ministry were under attack.)  He responded by boasting in who HE KNEW HE WAS BEFORE GOD.  He knew his motives were pure and his life was clean before God.

Could we say the same this morning?  Are we living a life and ministry of integrity before the Lord and His people?


Our life on display – A life of integrity


His Boasting – v. 12a

  • NASB – proud confidence
  • The crown in which we glory.
  • Negative – In our merits and achievements (Our Glory)
  • Positive – What God is doing through our life. (His Glory)


His Conscience – v. 12b

  • The moral inner self that determines what is appropriate or inappropriate. (Inner voice / our guide)
  • It is the soul reflecting upon one’s self. (the conscience is not a lamp, but rather a sky light.  It does not produce light, rather it just lets light in)
  • Determined by our morals and value systems
  • Either determined by the things of the world or the things of God. (NO GRAY AREA) Either the influence of the World or of God.
  • Jeremiah 17:5-10 – wicked heart is deceitful above all things.  (if this is the case, then we better be sure we have a new heart…a born again heart.)
  • 1 Timothy 1:5–7 – [5] The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. [6] Certain persons, by swerving from these, have wandered away into vain discussion, [7] desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make confident assertions. (ESV)




Paul could boast in the testimony of his conscience because of his new heart.  He knew he was a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST.

His life was on full display.  HE LIVED A GOSPEL LIFE


A man of Gospel Character – v. 12c

  • Behaved with simplicity
    • Single purpose
  • Godly sincerity
    • Sunlight/Judged. No flaws before the Lord
    • Blameless/Redeemed
  • Not by earthly wisdom
    • Things for the world, flesh, eyes
  • But by the grace of God
    • New man, New character.



Lived a life of Gospel Influence – v. 13 -14a

  • What you read you should have seen.
  • I am who I am. Practice what I preach
  • People see the REAL DEAL.
  • Our life should point people to a “changed life”


Placed his hope on a Gospel Belief – v. 14b

  • Paul knew he had gotten the GOSPEL RIGHT. He was a man of doctrinal integrity.
  • Paul was confident and looking forward to the DAY OF THE LORD. Standing before Jesus and seeing his life be made compete.
  • 1 Corinthians 1:4–9 – [4] I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that was given you in Christ Jesus, [5] that in every way you were enriched in him in all speech and all knowledge—[6] even as the testimony about Christ was confirmed among you—[7] so that you are not lacking in any gift, as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ, [8] who will sustain you to the end, guiltless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. [9] God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. (ESV)
  • 1 Corinthians 3:10–15 – [10] According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and someone else is building upon it. Let each one take care how he builds upon it. [11] For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. [12] Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw—[13] each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. [14] If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. [15] If anyone’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire. (ESV)


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