1 Tim 6 – Fighting the good fight of faith

1 Tim. 6:11-20

Our final marching orders as we fight the good fight of faith.

As for you, O man of God

v. 11a – Flee

Run as fast and as far as we can.  We try to live as close as we can to the world.  RETHINK IT. GET AWAY.

v. 11b – Pursue

God and His ….

  • Righteousness
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Steadfastness
  • Gentleness

vv. 12-16 – Fight

Fight – agonize (strategy, strength, stamina)

  • Take hold
    • Grasp how important and special our life and calling is. ETERNAL CALLING.
  • Keep
    • What we have…never let it go. Keep on keeping on.
    • The Word, The Gospel, Our Calling, Our Ministry

vv. 20-21 – Guard

As our most cherished possession.

  • With Passion
  • With Conviction

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