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Mediator – 18 Key Words on Sunday Nights


18 Words The most important Words You Will Ever Know.  J.I. Packer

First Baptist Church of Avon Park – Pastor Jon Beck



Mediator – Man in the middle, he that links with both sides.  Sympathizes with both and both trust him.


The mediation of Jesus between God and men, whereby the new and everlasting covenant has been established, is the main theme of the Bible.


A mediator is needed


Old Testament


Revelation and forgiveness under the old covenant were real, but limited and incomplete, and perfect communion with God was never attained.  (His example…driving an old broke down car)


Rom. 3:23 – ALL HAVE SINNED!


A mediator is provided


Why did the mediator come?


  1. He came to reveal God to men


  1. He came to redeem men from sin


  1. He came to restore man to God




How is the mediators work done?


  1. Jesus’ primary office is that of King



  1. But Jesus the king is also a priest.



  1. The royal priest is also prophet


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