Conforming to the image of Christ – Our calling and purpose

My study notes for Sunday night Oct. 29th. To see the sermon each week or subscribe to the weekly sermon podcast please visit


Our Calling/Purpose – What has God saved me to do?

2 Tim. 1:6 & 9

  • Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you
  • Gave us a spirit not of fear:
    • Power
    • Love
    • Self-Control
  • Saved and Called
  • Holy calling
  • Not because of us (our works)
  • Which He gave us in Christ Jesus


From Scripture…what is God calling us to do?

To name a few:

  • Worship Him.
  • Make disciples
  • Love God and Love others.


Priorities – What am I doing to fulfill this calling? (Where I spend my time, energy, and effort)


My personal ministry statement….As Christians, we exist to live a life that brings glory and honor to God as we seek to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 1 Chronicles 29:10-15

  • Give Him the credit He deserves. Truly acknowledge Him as God.  Worship Him as God.  Pray to Him as God.  Live for Him as God.

1 Peter 4:7-11

  • In order that…. God would be glorified through Jesus Christ

Colossians 1:9-23

  • A great picture of the goal of discipleship

Matthew 28:18-20,

  • You/Me…Make Disciples

Acts 11:19-26

  • Their process…First called Christians


 Glorify God – Our relationship with Him.

Start with God.  If we get God right, then everything else falls into place.


  • My heart is yours Lord. (Week 3 and 3)
  • My mind is yours Lord. (Week 4)
  • My life is yours Lord (This week.  Our calling, purpose & priorities)


1 Cor. 10:31 – Let everything I do Lord, be for your glory, your honor, your name, your fame… and not mine


Makes Disciples – Our relationship with others

(What we do with the Gospel that impacts others)


We know we are passing through, but we also know we have a task to complete. (Phil. 3:20 – citizenship is in heaven  1 Peter 2:11 – aliens and strangers)




  1. Believe it (the Gospel)
  2. Live it out (the Gospel)
  3. Share it (the Gospel


Takes all three…all three all the time.

  • Must be a balance to be healthy. (KNOWLEDGE AND LIFE)
  • We can have our doctrine right, but not have our relationships right.
  • We can have our relationships right and not have our doctrine right.


UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE MAKING  A disciple is a saved person LEARNING to live under the LORDSHIP OF JESUS.

Evangelism and Discipleship (Different sides to the same coin)


Practical Steps to Making Disciples:

  1. Identify people that need Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
  • PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. Christian’s should be people that love people.
  • Live our life as we are living on the mission field.


  1. Invest your life into them
  • Time, Talent, and Treasures.
  • Be committed to the things that are the most important.


  1. Influence them with the Gospel
  • With the hope that is within you. THE GOSPEL
  • Live it out!!!


  1. Invite them to trust in Christ
  • Personally, invite people to Christ, to church, to an event.


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