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John 12:1-11 – Responding to all we have seen and heard.

My sermon notes for Sunday, Feb. 18th as we continue our study through The Gospel of John. Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  To see the sermon each week or subscribe to the weekly sermon podcast please visit


John 12:1-11

How do we respond to all we have seen and heard?


Intro remarks




The serving of Martha – v. 2

 We are called to serve.


Previously we learned (Luke) that Martha could get preoccupied with her serving, but what a great picture of the Gospel.  NOT ABOUT ME BE ABOUT OTHERS.



The worship of May – v. 3

More reflective and emotional than Martha. (Both were loved by Jesus….remember…..balance, balance, balance)


Costly worship


Humble worship


Too often we fit Jesus/Church when time allows.



The idolatry of Judas – vv. 4-8


Judas problem was idolatry (HE WAS SELF RIGHTEOUS)


Delusional mind


Selfish motive


Missed opportunity



The fickleness of the crowed – v. 9


Jews (here is reference to the common people)… they came


Not against, but not committed to


The hostility of the religious leaders – vv. 10-11


A great picture of the HARD HEART




What a picture of the world and heart of the world we live in.


What is the answer.  What is needed?

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