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Isaiah 6:1-13 “I will go!”

Isaiah 6:1-13

Sending and Going

My sermon notes for Sunday, Dec 2ndRemember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.


Big Picture:


Acknowledge the Lord for who He is – vv. 1-4

Recognize our own heart and condition – v. 5

Receive the good news of forgiveness and sanctification – vv. 6-7

Listen and respond – v. 8

Go and Tell – vv. 9-13

With clarity – vv. 9 – 10

We must not worry about HOW IT IS RECEIVED as much as WHAT WE ARE TELLING.

With steadfastness – vv. 11-12

With purpose– v. 13

(pointing people to Jesus)

Isaiah was pointing to the new covenant.  Isaiah was pointing to what we know have in Jesus Christ.  With the same burden and passion of Isaiah we need to be people who do acknowledge God for who He is and for what He has given us in Christ.

We must preach Jesus as Savior and as Lord.  We must preach the need for the Gospel and the change that the Gospel brings.  NEVER CHANGE THE MESSAGE TO GET A BETTER RESPONSE.

We need to get Jesus right.  We need to get the Gospel right.  We need to preach, persuade, and pray that people will come to Jesus.

Inviting people to COME TO THE GREAT I AM

The 7 I am’s of John’s gospel.


We have a message to tell.  TO THE NATIONS.

Where is your nation, where is your mission field?

From AP to the ends of the Earth.

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