The Path of Repentance

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Sunday mornings message from Amos Chapter 4 are words of judgment upon Israel for their lack of repentance.  As we apply the judgment of God to the New Covenant community we can understand the importance of repentance in the life of believers.  Below is a valuable tool to help us see the PATH TO TRUE REPENTANCE.

Enjoy the Read!!!

The Path of Repentance

by John Loftness

Step 1 – Pray

  • Establish your dependence on God by praying for the Holy Spirit’s help in this process.

Step 2 – Identify the sin

  • Define its practice in biblical terms.
  • Define your heart’s motive for the sin in biblical terms.
  • Define the lie—the false belief—that created this motive and its acts.

Step 3 – Embrace the Gospel

  • Meditate on how your sin offends God. Cultivate sorrow.
  • Meditate on the fact that God sent Jesus to die in your place to overcome the offense…

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