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Isaiah 1:1-31– The Holy One of Israel

My sermon notes for Sunday morning, Jan 12th as we continue our study through the Book of Isaiah. Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  They are provided to help follow as we walk through the Word each week.  To see the sermon each week or subscribe to the weekly sermon podcast please visit

Background and Introductions to Isaiah – – Grace to You


Isaiah 1:1-31– The Holy One of Israel


The name Isaiah – The Lord is Salvation


Chapters 1-39 – Man’s great need of salvation.

Chapters 40-66 – God’s great provision of salvation.


One of the major themes – God’s surpassing plan of grace and mercy.



The Setting

Political upheaval




Religious apostasy



The People


Judah – The Southern Kingdom



Their Heart (behavior = heart)


Hardness n- vv. 4-5


Rebellion – v. 10


Idolatry – vv. 11-15, v. 21-22



God’s Promises

God is always faithful and just (He is always faithful to His Word


Repent – vv. 16-17


Forgiveness – vv. 18-20 (His grace and mercy)


Lack of repentance, demonstrates the real HEART, this is followed by God’s justice.


Purge – vv. 24-25, vv. 27-31


Restoration – vv. 26-27



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