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1 Corinthians 15:35-58

My sermon notes for Sunday morning, Oct 23rd.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon. They are provided as an outline each week for our Tabernacle Church family. The church provides a live stream of the service each Sunday at 10:30 on Facebook. We also provide the services through YouTube by Sunday afternoon.  You can find Sermon Notes, Family Devotional Guides, Prayer List, and other resources at our Church Website.

1 Cor 15:35-58 – The Dead in Christ shall rise


Our body must die. – vv. 36-38


The example of the seed (An agricultural example)

The old must put on the new – vv. 39-49

The example of creation

God obviously has created different bodies (humans, animals, heavenly) so surely, he can create a RESURRECTED BODY.

First is born of Adam

The second is born again in Christ

A picture of Resurrection Day – vv. 50-57

The point is made. Now Paul gives the church a glorious picture of RESURRECTION DAY.

Royal Entry – v. 50

Perfectly timed – vv. 51-52a

Victorious – vv. 52b-55

Closing words to the Church – v. 58

Because we are people who believe in the resurrection… We live with as a people of HOPE and PURPOSE.

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