Amos – What we have learned

Over the last few weeks we have learned so much about God and the Gospel from the book of Amos.

Here is a quick overview:

God is the loving  and sovereign ruler over His creation

  • He is the Lord of Hosts
  • He is Lord God (Master Yahweh)
    • He rules over the nations
    • He rules over nature (His creation)

Everyone is accountable to God for how they live their life

  • In obedience – blessings
  • In disobedience – judgment
  • He is righteous, just, and consistent

Privilege carries responsibility

  • They were the chosen people (nation)  yet did what was right in their own eyes
  • We are the chosen people (church) yet do what is right in our own eyes
  • We cannot take His grace for granted
  • When much is given…much is expected

Worship not focused on God is hypocrisy

  • Is worship for me
  • Is worship to Him

Riches, power, and prosperity can give us a false sense of hope

  • If things are good for me, then God must be good with it
  • Payday some day

When God speaks to our heart we must respond

  • Do we need to repent – hear, obey, turn from you sin
  • Do we need to trust – hear, obey, and follow
    • Both require action

The story never changes…God judges the nation, but promises a remnant

  • God judged Adam and Eve in the garden, but proclaimed a redeemer (Gen. 3:15)
  • There was always a remnant in God’s plan
  • The cross was always in sight
  • We already have a Savior, but will not totally embrace His Lordship until later

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