Colossians 3:18-4:1 -Living the Lordship Life. Our relationships.

Christ is enough…Living out the Lordship life

Our relationships  Col. 3:18-4:1


A quick review…

  • Since we are raised with Christ. v.3:1
  • Seek the things above. v. 1
  • Set your mind on things above. v. 2
  • We must put off the old man. vv. 5-9
  • We must put on the new man. vv. 10-12
  • We must live the life of the new man. 12-17


17 Whatever you do in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

If our relationships are not right, then OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM IS NOT RIGHT.  It is a personal relationship with HIM, so that we can live a relationship with THEM.  Go and make disciples.  OUR HOME AND COMMUNITY is our mission field.



With our spouse vv. 18-19

Wife v. 18

  • Submit.
    • Military term. Get your spot (organized, team, purpose. Big picture)
    • Not based on ability or knowledge.  Private may be smarter than a general is some areas.
  • As is fitting in the Lord. Because of who we are in Christ.  We understand who we are in our home.


Husband v. 19

  • With much given, much is expected. ALL STARTS AT THE TOP.
  • Love your wife (agape)
    •  A love that does not change
    • A love that does not expect in return
    • A love that is sacrificial
    • A love that is self-denying
  • Do not be harsh with them. The word usage suggests there may be a reason to be harsh, but we are not. Different by DESIGN.


With our parents v. 20

  • Obey – When we live under the roof
  • Honor. Always.  After we leave the house
    • Only permanent relationship is with our spouse, but we still honor.
  • Pleases the Lord


With our children v. 21

  • Do not provoke. – Irritate, Discourage.  Anything that could prevent them from growing in their walk with Christ.  Do we provoke, by not providing the proper environment for spiritual growth???
  • The danger, you deter them.  Put a burden on them




With those we serve/follow…Slaves v. 22-25

  • Do what is asked.
    • Christians should out work everyone.
  • Man pleasers. Not to get ahead.
  • With sincerity of heart. Because of who we are
  • Fearing the Lord. Honor Him.
  • Whatever you do…EVERYTHING
  • Slaves had nothing, but a Christian slave knew who had everything.
  • He is the judge. He will repay.


With those we lead….Masters 4:1

  • Just and Fair
  • Knowing your Lord in heaven

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