Did Jesus have a wife?

Was Jesus married?  How do we view the papyrus that has been found?

Here are a few things to consider as we ponder these two questions:

  • There have been other writings on record that have painted a picture of Christ that makes Him more human than God. These particular Gnostic writers have always tried to paint a picture of Christ that is not a picture of a sinless Savior.  They have never believed He was the perfect Son of God.
  • This issue is not whether or not this document is a legitimate writing from the 4th century.  The issue is that it has no authority to reveal some new revelation.
  • There have been and will always be those that have written and taught doctrine that is contrary to what we have preserved for us in the Bible.  From the beginning of Christ’s earthy ministry people have been trying to make Him just an ordinary person, not God in the flesh.
  • We know that Paul wrote other letters (to the church of Corinth), but even if we found them they would not become part of the authoritative canon of Scripture (God has given and preserved all He intended us to have.)
  • I believe Jesus was not married, nor had children.  The reason…Scripture does not tell us He was. The document found could be an authentic papyrus, but that does not mean what was written on it is true.
  • We as a Christian people should be completely satisfied with all the information that God has provided to us in His Word.  We do not need to try to discover some secret, hidden code, or conspiracy…..WE NEED TO STOP QUESTIONING THE UNKNOWN AND REST IN THE KNOWN.

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