Go make a difference!!

As a church planting catalyst part of my ministry is encouraging individuals and churches to be On Mission For Him.  Here are a few things we need to remember as we strive to make a difference for Him!

  • God is still on His throne
    • We need to live like God is the sovereign God of the universe.  He is all knowing, ever present, and all powerful. Remember the song, He has the whole world in His hands.
  • The Gospel is enough
    • Our problem in not political, economical, or environmental.  Our problem is missional.  We have forgotten that the world needs the Gospel and the Gospel can change the world.  Go proclaim and live out the Gospel
  • We are His
    • As a believer we are a child of God.  He knows us, created us, and sustains us.  We can do it because He has done it.
  • We have been empowered to be on mission
    • The Great Commission is for all believers.  We are all to be making disciples and we have received the power to do so.  We are not responsible for the results.  We are only responsible for the proclamation.
  • We are part of one of the greatest mission organizations in the history of the church.
    • As Southern Baptist we can do so much more together than we could ever do alone.
  • We have already WON!
    • We are not defeated.  We live at times like we have no chance. We need to remember all that was on going against the early church, yet they made a difference.  REMEMBER….we have already won. The battle is over.  God is still in charge and satan was defeated that day at the cross.


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