Isaiah 8:5-9:7 “Trust and Live in the Light”

Isaiah 8:5-9:7 – Trust and Live.

Come out of the dark… into the light.

Intro thoughts:

  • The enemies/pressures from others was drawing down on the nation.
  • Syria and Israel (northern kingdom) were conspiring against Judah (southern kingdom)
  • Israel and her leaders were failing to trust in God.
  • In 8:1-2 has a son “quick to plunder, swift to spoil”  It is a prophecy of what will come to pass.
  • Assyria will conquer Syria, then invade both Israel and Judah (2 years it will take place)
  • Currently Judah was hoping for an alliance with Assyria, because both Syria and Israel were pressuring Judah.  They were placing hope in Assyria, they would not attack
  • The Lord is reminding HIS PEOPLE.  Do not place you trust in man, but place your trust in God and you will surely live.
  • He is reminding them that whom they trust in will have an eternal impact on their lives.
  • The question for us this morning is…WHERE DO WE PLACE OUR TRUST?

If I place my trust in God, follow after His purposes, and live for Him:

  • My life will be as…A peaceful river, a sanctuary, and the Light.

If I place my trust in self, follow after my purposes, and live for self:

  • My life will be as…A flood, a stumbling stone, and utter darkness.

A Peaceful River or a Flood – vv. 8:5-10

A Peaceful River

They had refused the Words of the Lord – v. 6a

  • Waters of Shiloah
  • When we think about trusting His Word.  We are trusting His promises, His providence, and His purpose. (HE IS EITHER GOD OR NOT)

A Flood

They rejoiced over their alliance (fall of Rezi and Remailiah) – v. 6b

  • The flood and its destruction found in the trust of the things in the world (Satan)
    • Mighty. Many. Sweep into Judah Reaching up to the neck. The breadth of your land – v.8
  • The peaceful river of the God’s powerful, wise, and loving care.

God through Isaiah was even reminding the false nations that their “success” was part of God’s purpose, but HE IS IMMANUEL and there is A REMNANT. –  vv. 9-10

A Sanctuary or a Stumbling Stone – vv. 8:11-15

A Sanctuary

Do not think like they think. Do not fear like they fear. – v. 12

  • I am Holy. Your Fear. Your Dread. – v.13
  • A place of protection and security – v. 14a

A Stumbling Block

Certain failure (stumble and fall) – vv. 14b-15

  • Fall. Be broken. Snared. Taken.
  • NT testament.  When the religious leaders rejected Jesus.
    • Jesus is viewed either as a Savior or a Judge.

The Light or Darkness – vv. 8:16-9:7

To Isaiah and his Disciples – vv. 16-18

  • Bind it up.  Seal the teaching. – v. 16
  • Believe on it. Trust in it.  Live it out.
  • Wait. Place your hope. – v. 17-18

Darkness – vv. 19-22

Those who seek the wisdom from the ways of the world – v. 19

  • Mediums/necromancers
  • Chirp and mutter (unclear)

As opposed to the clear and authoritative word of God – v. 20

  • They have no dawn (the light of God’s word)
  • They pass through the land in darkness. Distressed. Hungry. Doomed. – v. 21-22

The Light – vv. 9:1-7

Yet God is giving His light.

  • The lands fist conquered by Assyria would be the first lands to experience the LIGHT. – v. 9:1-2


A great light – vv. 1-2

  • The remnant for them in the Old Covenant (darkness of captivity)
  • Jesus to bring about the New Covenant

A growing nation

  • Prosperity. Blessing. Joy – v. 3

Free from bondage and oppression – v. 4

  • OT – Israel
  • NT – bondage of sin

Victorious. Peace. Lack of conflict – v. 5

  • OT – wars
  • NT – Peace with God


The spiritual doom of 8:22 is dispelled forever by the light of JESUS CHRIST

(His divine character… Who He is)

  • Wonderful counselor – wise teacher
  • Mighty God – all powerful. Complete control.
  • Everlasting Father – Eternal. Personal Care.
  • Prince of Peace – Sins forgiven. No separation or conflict.

His rule and reign…No end…Forever – v. 7

  • Establish and uphold
  • Justice and righteousness



John 8:12 – Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (ESV)

Isaiah Background and Introduction – A great theological library.

Grace To You – Pastor John MacArthur – Allen Ross

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