John 1:35-51 Gospel Conversations

My sermon notes from Sunday, March 19th as we continue our study through The Gospel of John. Remember, these are my study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  To see the sermon each week please visit

John 1:35-51

Gospel Conversations

Jesus called his first disciples and they, in turn, began to invite others to join them.  This is a great picture of how we respond to the call of Christ and how that call should lead us to share with others.  In each of the three encounters, we are exposed to Gospel Conversations.  I pray our life is full of these types of conversations.


First.  Notice the pattern within these conversations.

  1. A Recognizing of Christ (for who He is)
  2. A Following of Christ (for who He is)
  3. A Sharing of Christ (for who He is)


John the Baptist, John, Andrew, and Jesus -vv. 35-39


John to his disciples (Andrew and John)

“Behold the Lamb of God”

  • With intent and purpose
  • John got Jesus right. Savior…takes away the sin of the world 1:29
  • If we do not get the Gospel right, then we miss everything.  NO REAL GOSPEL then NO REAL CONVERSION


Jesus to the disciples

“Who are you seeking?”

  • First words out of his mouth.  He knows your heart.  WHAT ARE YOU SEEKING?
  • Do we seek Jesus to meet a need or fix a problem….what he can give me!
    • WE SEEK HIM BECAUSE OF…What can he do?
  • OR Do we seek Jesus because we need everything…I GIVE YOU MY ALL!
    • WE SEEK HIM BECAUSE OF….What has he done?


Another way of saying it:

  • What does man seek?
    • Purpose, Meaning, Hope, Contentment, Peace
  • You can look for these in so many places, but the reality is that it is ONLY found in Christ.


John and Andrew to Jesus

“Where are you staying?”

  • We want to go where you are going.
  • We want to know more.
  • Where you are….we want to be.
  • We will leave John for Jesus.


Jesus to John and Andrew

“Come and you will see.”

  • Christ invitation. LOOK AND LIVE
  • To as many as received Him, He gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12



Andrew, Peter, and Jesus -vv. 41-42


Andrew to Peter

“We have found the Messiah”

  • He is known as living in the shadows of Peter.
  • Yet, whenever he is mentioned he is bringing people to Christ. John 6:8, 12:22
  • He believed who Christ was and could not help be share.


Jesus to Peter

“You shall be called Cephas.”


  • I know you.  I know what you will do.  I know what you will become!!!!
  • I have plans for you (Rock)
    • Not who you are, but who you will become
    • You will make a difference for ME



Jesus, Philip, and Nathanael – vv. 43-51


Jesus to Philip

“Follow me.”

  • The process is not always the same
  • Jesus just came to Him.
  • Follow Me is still the request


Philip to Nathanael

“We have found Him.”

  • WE, He was a disciple himself
  • More than me…it is us (church, body, family)


Philip to Nathanael

“Come and see.”

  • Philip issued a personal invitation for Nathanael
    • Personal…he needed to come


  • From the beginning:
  • How did people come to Christ…COME AND SEE
  • How did the Church become….COME AND SEE
  • How was the World changed…COME AND SEE


What is it that we asked people to Come and See?

  • Job
  • Hobbies
  • Family
  • What are we passionate about?



Nathanael to Jesus

“How do you know me?”


Jesus to Nathanael

“Before Philip called you…I saw you.”

  • Jesus Found Philip
  • Philip Found Nathanael
    • Jesus was not lost. WE ARE LOST.
    • (I once was lost, but now and found)

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