John 21:1-25 – “Living in His Name”

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John 21: 1-25 Living a life in His Name

One of the key verses and I believe the major theme of the Gospel of John was brought forth in the previous verses (20:30-31)

John 20:30–31 – [30] Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; [31] but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. (ESV)


Chapter 21 is considered the epilogue/conclusion…  When Chapter 20 concluded you have to ask yourself.  What happened to the disciples.… kind of like the end of the season of a show.  Chapter 21 answers the question WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DISCIPLES?  It demonstrates how 20:30 worked out in their life.



There will be a tendency to do what we can do in our own ability

They went fishing vv. 1-4

They went to Galilee.  The sea of Tiberias.  This where Jesus told them to go. Matt. 28:10 – “go to Galilee”

  • They were hesitant to go. Instead of going the were in the upper room.  Jesus appeared to them.  “Peace be with you”
  • They were also supposed to go to the mountain and wait. Not go fishing


They were Fishing

  • Maybe Peter became impatient.
  • This what they knew. They could do this. (in the flesh, under their power)


They caught nothing

  • The failure in this attempt.
  • In our might, we fail to tap into the supernatural. (the true presence and blessings of God within our lives)


When our nets are empty, we need to embrace Christ

Jesus intervenes (arrives) vv. 4-14

Realize our mistake and LOOK UNTO JESUS.  Place your faith and trust in His care and capability.  His power and provision


Just as the day was breaking v. 4….then comes the morning!!!!!  FROM DARK TO LIGHT.


Jesus appeared – His providence

Jesus stood on the shore, but they did not recognize Him. – vv. 4-5


  • After this Jesus revealed Himself v. 1
  • He knew where they were and what they were doing.
  • Could have been the distance, their fatigue… but probably it was that THEY COULD not recognize Him. (just as the other’s could not recognize.  (The women and men at Emmaus)
  • Both in a physical and spiritual sense. The Jews knew the man Jesus, but they did not know The God Man Jesus.
  • His question. Do you have any fish?


Jesus directed – His power

Jesus provided a great catch and then they saw HIM. – vv. 6-8


  • Cast your net on the other side. Not on your side, but on MY side.
    • Man empowered fishing or Spirit empowered fishing.
  • They had seen this before. Luke 5:17.  It was a spiritual and physical miracle at the same moment.  (WAIT… we are slow, but are not that slow…they turned and saw the LORD)
    • LISTEN, TRUST, DO (obey)
  • John saw first, but Peter jumped in. Two personalities, but they both saw Him and both responded.


Jesus nourished – His provision

Jesus the great servant vv. 9-14

  • Washed their feet (John 13), now prepares their food>
    • Been fishing all night, tired, confused.
  • Lessons in servanthood. The Christian life is about serving others
  • Jesus loved them, knew there need, provided that need (physical – spiritual)



Christ will restore, empower, and send vv. 15-19

(the picture of Peter)

  1. A call and lesson in discipleship
  2. The life of a Christ follower
  3. The true call of the Gospel is one of self-denial, trust, and dependence


Peter had previously stated:

  • I will lay down my life for you. John 13:36-37
  • Even all leave you… I will not. 26;33


Picture a parent and child, or spouses in conversation.  They know what love looks like and they also know that it has not been demonstrated. (Do you LOVE me, then….SHOW IT. LIVE IT)


Do you love me?

  • Agapeo, Agapeo, Phileo – Jesus
  • Phileo, Phileo, Phileo – Peter

Jesus was asking for total devotion.  Yet, Peter knew he had already failed Him before.  Peter did love him, but was possibly afraid He would fail Him again.

More than these?

  • Other disciples. The fish
  • Total Lordship and Love
  • He had previously called him to be fisher of men. Matt. 4:19
    • How easy we forget
  • Cannot serve two masters. Luke 16:13



Go.  Under my authority and leadership.  Under my direction and promises.  GO GO GO

Care for the flock of the Lord.  (feeding and nourishing)

  • Feed Tend my sheep
  • The shepherd and his flock (shepherd – pastor)
  • 1 Peter 5:2, Acts 20:28


PETER was grieved v. 17

  • You know all things. You know I love you.
  • 3 times he denied, 3 times he needed to confess


If you do love me Peter, then do what I have asked.  John heard and believed this.

  • To Love is to do (worship which leads to serving)
  • John 14:15, 21
  • 1 John 5:3
  • 2 John 6


Remember that Jesus is the Lord over our journeys vv. 18-25


AS Jesus sends.  Jesus watches, guides, and directs.

  • Peter had a calling and an impact
  • John had a calling and an impact
    • A calling to LIVE A LIFE IN HIS NAME


YOU FOLLOW ME (do not worry about John, worry about you)

  • The Lord is Lord over life and death.
  • Romans 8:31-39 – We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

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