John 5:30-47 Here is your proof…I am God

My sermon notes from Sunday, July 16th   as we continue our study through The Gospel of John. Remember, these are my study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  To see the sermon each week please visit


John 5:30-47


In court room setting Jesus is answering the questions put for by the Jewish leaders.  The are questioning who He is and why He claims to have the right to do what He has been doing.


5:12 – Who is this man who said to you, Take up your bed and walk?


5:17 – My Father is working until now, and I am working.

  • God does not take the Sabbath off.
  • Our plan is about redemptive history, not the plans and thinking’s of man


30-47 – Jesus declares that all the proof they need has been given to them. THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE (Romans 1:18-23)

  • 30-31 – It has the feel of a courtroom setting.
  • You want proof? In legal procedures, you need witnesses to validate.
  • You want witnesses…then here they are.


Jesus calls his witnesses (as if he needs to prove to them anything…)


GETTING INTO THE TEXT – 3 Witness that point to Christ


32-35 The testimony of John the Baptist


32 – He was a true witness

  1. 33 – YOU sent a delegation and he proclaimed truth (1:19-28)
  2. 34 – Sent from God that pointed people to Jesus…salvation
    1. Sent on a mission
  3. 35 – shined his light for the Gospel. (NOT FOR SELF)
    1. 1:8 – He bore witness about the light. We do not shine our own light, carry the light of Christ.
    2. The Pharisees only rejoiced for a season
    3. John’s role was to shine. They rest was on them.


36 – The Miracles of Jesus

(the mighty works of God)

The seven miracles in John pointed people to Jesus and his divine nature.  HIS CHARACTER AND POWER.  They demanded and explanation…how, by whom.

  • Pointed to something beyond itself


  1. Water into wine – 2:1-11
  2. Healing of the official’s son – 4:43-54
  3. Healing of the paralytic – 5:1-15
  4. Feeding of the multitude – 6:1-14
  5. Walking on water – 6:16-21
  6. Cure of the blind man – 9:1-14
  7. Raising of Lazarus – 11:1-44
  • Even after raising for the dead, they still did not believe.
  • Denying of the supernatural is one of the liberal attacks on biblical Christianity.



37-47 – Words of the Father


Ps. 19:1 – The heavens declare His glory and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.

Ps. 50:6 – The heavens declare His righteousness for God himself is judge!


(Extra Material)

How has God spoken?  What is meant by “the Word of God.”

How has God spoken?


God’s Word in the form of His Words through decrees

A decree of God is a word of God that causes something to happen.

Gen. 1:3 – “And God said, let there be light.”

Gen. 1:24 – “And God said, let the earth bring forth living creatures.”

Psalms 33:6 – “By the word of God the heavens were made…..”


God’s Word in the form of the spoken word through men…The prophets

God actually spoke to man through the lips of prophets.  To disbelieve or disobey any of the words of the prophets was to disbelieve and disobey God.  Anyone who claimed to be speaking for Him, but was not was severely punished. (Ezek. 13:1-7, Deut. 10:20-22.)

Deut. 18:18-20 – “I will put my words in his mouth….”

Jer. 1:9 – “I have put my word in your mouth.”


God’s Word in the form of a person…Jesus Christ…His Son…the Incarnate Word


Rev. 19:13 & John 1:1&14

Jesus communicated by his actions and words:

  • God’s character
  • God’s truth
  • God’s will


God’s Word in written form….The Bible

There is a progressive nature of how God has spoken in redemptive history

  1. Decrees
  2. Prophets
  3. Jesus
  4. The Bible


God’s Written Word

Ex. 31:18 “Written with the finger of God”

John 14:26, 16:12-13 – In the new Testament Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit would bring to their remembrance the words which, He had spoken.


2 Tim. 3

The Word Of God Is Profitable 3:16

1) It Is Beneficial For Doctrine (Teaching).

2) It Is Beneficial For Discernment (Rebuking).

3) It Is Beneficial For Direction (Correcting).

4) It Is Beneficial For Discipline (Training).


SO….they have the Word.  WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH IT.


Key words to consider……

37 – Hear – His voice you have not heard (baptism and transfig.)

  • 3:17, 17:5
  • 1:11, 9:7
  • 3:22, 9:35
  • John 12:28 (after triumphant entry
    • God was glorified by sending the Son
    • God will be glorified in the giving of His Son


38 – abide – you do not have His word abiding

39 – search – you searched the scriptures.

40 – refuse – YET, you refuse to come to me

41 – acknowledge – you do not validate who I am…I AM

  • Do not needs man glory

42 – Dead – I know you do not have the love of God within you

43 – Receive – I come in his name and you do not receive.

44 – Seek – receive glory from one another rather than from God

45 – Condemnation – You put your hope in Moses, but he will condemn you one day.

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