John 6:41-70 – I am the bread of life (part 3)

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John 6:41-70 – I am the Bread of life (part 3)

So Great A Salvation!

Grumbling about or Glorifying in our salvation


vv. – 41-43 – How can you claim this??? That you are the Bread of life.


  • The were grumbling…Grumbling over salvation? How is one saved?  Who needs to be saved?  What is the purpose of salvation?  When does salvation take place?
  • You want to get the world grumbling, then start talking about the sinfulness of Man and their need of salvation. The idea that we are helpless and in total need of a Savior hits at the core of our inner selfish heart. IT IS VERY HARD TO ADMIT….ME NOTHING……I NEED HELP.


Do not grumble amongst yourself

  • You had better consider things…You better stop doubting and look deep into your heart. We need to consider what God has said and not what we think He has said.  (this is exactly what is happening in our world today…then and now)


2 Grumbling Groups

  1. FRONT END GRUMBLING – We do not believe you are the bread of life and that you are the way to God.
  • Grumbling against Jesus as the only way. Christianity as the only means
  • They doubted the claims of who Jesus was.…YOU ARE Joseph’s SON. (As we would deny a BIBLICAL JESUS)


  1. BACK END GRUMBLING – We believe you are Jesus, but we have created Jesus/Gospel in our image. We come on our own terms.
  • I am saved, but I did it. More emphasis on self not God.  Tendency to make sin and God’s holiness a small issue.
  • The danger of feel good preaching. You can do it.  Just believe. Get out of bed and just believe in yourself.
  • While there may be some truth to this. We need to have self-confidence and worth, but all I that we are and have is only because of God’s love and grace.


Verses 44-71 – A Running Commentary

Jesus teaching about TRUE SALVATION FOUND IN HIM.


v, 44 – Draws

  • An ah-ha moment.   Not drag…Not trick, luring (carrot before the face)….BUT A LEADING TOO


vv. 47-51 – whoever believes (that I am the bread of life) has eternal life…Take and eat

  • eternal and completeness
    • satisfaction…never hunger or thirst
  • Eats of the bread…MY FLESH


vv. 52-59 – Jews grumble again (THE CROSS)

  • The law stated you cannot consume meat with blood
  • AGAIN…Jesus is not speaking of the law but himself
  • whoever feeds and drinks
    • His blood on the cross
    • Father sends me….I give life


vv. 60-71 – After the cross…It will be finished. God’s plan will be complete. (This is a picture of disbelief.  No faith without the Spirit, No faith without conversion….turn from self and to Jesus – Followship/Devotion/Trust

  • Hard saying…. Hearing
  • Without the Spirit (giving, drawing)
    • W/O the spirit…..Do not believe.
  • No one comes unless it is granted by God
  • Coming, Considering, Counting the cost, & Continuing



As I considered the passage this week I could not help but contemplate and rejoice in my own salvation.  I was humbled as I looked at it from the end and worked back.  I rejoice in these truths.  I rejoice in my salvation.  I rejoice in God’s Grace!


  • I will be raised up on the last day
  • I will be kept in the hands of my Lord
  • I will not be lost
  • I considered, counted the cost, I continue on
  • I was redeemed by Jesus Christ
  • I believed, I came, I looked ( I came to Christ…I made a decision to repent and believe)
  • I was raised from the dead (He raised me from the dead.  No of myself.  He did it.  I AM BORN AGAIN, BECAUSE HE OPENED THE EYES OF MY HEART TO MY SIN)
  • It was granted by the Father (God did it)
  • I was drawn by the Spirit  (God did it)
  • I was given to Jesus by the Father (God did it)

God thank you for saving me.  Thank you that I will be raised on the last day because you gave me to Jesus Christ.


Eph. 2:8-10

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

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