John 7:25-52 (Feast of Booths part 3)

My sermon notes from Sunday, Sept. 24th  as we continue our study through The Gospel of John. Remember, these are my study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  To see the sermon each week or subscribe to the weekly sermon podcast please visit


John 7:25-52

The reaction to His teaching


Jesus at the Feast of Booths.  Again, He is answering the questions…

  • Who are you?
  • What are you doing/about?
  • Where are you from?



A Running Commentary of the Text

Confusion over who He is  and where He is from – vv. 25-29


  • Is he the one they want to kill.
    • Since 5:18 the religious leaders have been plotting to kill Him.
  • Can He be Christ?
    • But we know where He is from. The Jews taught that the Messiah would appear suddenly and begin the work of the Messiah. (they knew of Jesus and his past)
  • You think you know me and where I am from, BUT I AM FROM HE THAT IS TRUE AND YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM.


The leaders are angered and attempt to seize Him – vv. 30-36


  • The hour had not come. We are on God’s time table and NO ONE ELSES.
  • Yet many believed, surely no one can do more than what He has done.
  • Leaders heard their response and sent officers to arrest Him.
  • You think you know me but I am preparing to leave and you have NO IDEA WHERE I AM GOING. They thought he meant to the Gentiles. (so much irony here.  The Gospel is for all…this Book was written from where they thought He was going)


His great invitation vv. 37-39


  • At the last day of the feast water was brought in by the priest in a great procession and poured out over the altar.
  • Jesus stood and cried out….LISTEN TO ME.
  • If anyone thirsts, come, and drink.
    • Thirst – recognition of need
    • Come – Approach the source
    • Drink – Receive what is needed
  • Notice that at the 3 great festivals we see the fulfillment of the Jesus and the New Covenant over Moses and the Old Covenant.
    • Booths – Jesus and the coming of the Spirit
    • Passover – The blood of Christ on the cross
    • Pentecost – The Spirit comes.


The people are divided – vv. 40-52


  • Everyone has their own opinion of who Christ is.
  • Some convinced, some confused, some hostile


An Application of the Text



  1. Jesus is so much more than just a person to believe in…Jesus is sent from the Father and if we seek to know the Father will both know the Father and the Son.


  1. Nothing can stop or silence Jesus. Nothing can stop or silence the Gospel.  Nothing can stop the church. (Matt. 16:18)
  • Our problem is that we focus more on the enemy rather than the mission.
  • There always has and always will be hostility toward the Gospel. History has proven that.


  1. Nothing takes place until the Father allows it. Nothing can thwart the time table of God.  Just as the time had not come for His arrest…time is in total control of all knowing, all present, all power God. It is God that overrules all things and all events where nothing can happen without God’s permission.
  • As we push back darkness with the Gospel we know that God is in control of redemptive history.


  1. If anyone thirsts for the Son, then they can come and experience forgiveness of sin and the presence and power of the Spirit flowing from their life.


  1. There will always be division over the Gospel. Over Jesus.  Who He is.  What He came to do.  What it means to me and you.  The question is…WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT JESUS.

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