Psalm 4 – “For you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety”

My teaching notes for Wednesday, May 12th. I am currently teaching through the book of Psalms.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the teaching.

Resources utilized for preparation and study:

  • Psalms Vol. 1 .The NIV Application Commentary, Gerald H. Wilson.
  • Psalms. Vol. 5. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Tremper Longman III and David Garland.

Psalm 4


  • Meditating on God’s provision
    • Confidence in God
    • He will not abandon
  • The restoration of blessing and joy from the Lord

His Prayer – v. 1

O, Righteous God

  • He is righteous
  • He does righteous

You have given me relief

  • He has been faithful when “pressure” is present

Four Imperatives

  1. Answer me
  2. Give me
  3. Be gracious – generous provision
  4. Hear me – A call to respond in obedience

His Plea to His Enemies – vv. 2-5

The issues addressed:

Honor turned to shame – Love vain words

  • They scoffed at his glory
  • The pursuit of vain things (empty things)

Words of Encouragement (Seven Imperatives):

  1. Know – you have been set apart
  2. Be angry – Literally… tremble. Tremble in fear of the Lord.
  3. Do not sin
  4. Ponder in your own hearts – think and plan
  5. Be silent
  6. Offer right sacrifices – and put your trust in God

His Prayer – vv. 6-7

Restore the fullness your blessings.

Lift up the light of your face

  • His presence

Joy in my heart

  • Is greater than their grain and wine
  • Better than any earthly possession.

His Trust in the Lord – v. 8

He has peace and He can lie down and sleep

Because of his trust in God

  • For you alone, make me dwell in safety

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