Psalm 9 – The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed

My teaching notes for Wednesday, June 30th. I am currently teaching through the book of Psalms.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the teaching.

Resources utilized for preparation and study:

  • Psalms Vol. 1.The NIV Application Commentary, Gerald H. Wilson.
  • Psalms. Vol. 5. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Tremper Longman III and David Garland.

Psalm 9

Intro Thoughts:

  • When facing our enemies
  • When in the midst of despair and trials
  • When we see no hope

He is worthy of our praise– vv. 1-3

  • I will give thanks
    • Whole heart – confidence and assurance
  • I will recount
    • Wonderful deeds – from creation till now
  • I will be glad and exult
  • I will sing praise
    • To your name, O must high

He is our ruler and judge – vv. 4-8

Maintained my just cause

  • Confidence in who God is and confident in His actions

Sitting on His royal throne

  • Forever
  • Established for justice

Giving righteous judgment

  • Judging with rightness and uprightness
  • Wicked perish
  • Forever

He is our deliverer and salvation – vv. 9-14

Stronghold for the oppressed

  • A place for protecting and rest
  • One is at peace when they trust in their safety

Those who know your name and put their trust in you

  • God’s covenant people (OT and NT)
  • Believe and trust

Sing praised to the Lord

  • Who He is…sitting on His throne
  • We tell His deeds to the people

He avenges and does not forget

  • the cry of the afflicted

Lift me up so I may not forget

  • Sing your praises

He has made Himself known – vv. 15-20

Have sunk… they made, their net, their foot

  • God is just because they deserved their punishment
  • Reap what one sows

Made Himself know

  • God is still GOD!!!

Forgot God

  • Not acknowledging who God is.

Man will not prevail

  • The systems of the world

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