SBC Annual Meeting 2021 – Pre-Convention Talking Points

My outline for Wednesday, June 9th. Tonight we are discussing some of the major points of interest in regards to this years Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the teaching and discussion.

Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

 Music City Center in downtown Nashville – June 15-16, 2021

Annual Meeting Website.  Live stream –

2021 Annual Meeting Book of Reports


The Election for SBC President

Randy Adams – Executive Director of the Northwest Baptist Convention

Ed Litton – Pastor of Redemption Church in Saraland, Alabama

Albert Mohler – President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mike Stone – Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, Georgia. (Part of the newly formed Conservative Baptist Network)

Why is this important

  • President appoints the Committee on Committees
  • C on C nominates the Nominations Committee (voted on by messengers)
  • Nominating Committee Nominates Trustees (voted on my messengers)
    • Trustees lead and oversee the Entities

The SBC Entities

The Southern Baptist Convention conducts its work throughout the year through eleven ministry entities, the SBC Executive Committee (which serves as “the fiduciary, the fiscal, and executive entity of the Convention”), and an auxiliary called Woman’s Missionary Union.

  • SBC Executive Committee
  • The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
  • GuideStone Financial Resources
  • The International Mission Board
  • Lifeway Christian Resources
  • The North American Mission Board
  • Theological Seminaries
    • Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention
    • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
    • New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
    • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
    • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
    • The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Woman’s Missionary Union

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

A General Definition –

Resolution 9 from the 2019 Convention

Seminary Presidents Statement on CRT

Founders Ministry – Tom Ascol Article. He provides other links and information about CRT at the conclusion of this particular article –

The Incompatibility of Critical Theory and Christianity – NEIL SHENVI & PAT SAWYER.

“Christianity provides us with an overarching metanarrative that runs from creation to redemption: We are creatures made in God’s image, who have sinned against him, who need to be rescued through the atoning work of Jesus, and who are called to love both God and neighbor.

In contrast, critical theory is associated with a metanarrative that runs from oppression to liberation: We are members either of a dominant group or of a marginalized group with respect to a given identity marker. As such, we either need to divest ourselves of power and seek to liberate others, or we need to acquire power and liberate ourselves by dismantling all structures and institutions that subjugate and oppress. In critical theory, the greatest sin is oppression, and the greatest virtue is the pursuit of liberation.”

Women Serving as Pastors

Beth Moore – Her role in preaching and teaching.  Her leaving the SBC.

Saddleback Church – Ordained female pastors

Dr. Albert Mohler Article –

Two helpful articles on this topic from my website – (scroll down to Women and Ministry)

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