The pastor and his responsibilities

The pastor and his responsibilities

FBC Avon Park – Pastor Jon Beck

Acts 20:24-32, 1 Peter 5:1-4, Hebrews 13:7&17, 1 Timothy 3


New Testament Titles:

Elder – His Character…maturity/age/wisdom

Overseer/bishop – His Function…watch over and manage

Pastor – His Work…a shepherd

            Loving, Feeding, Leading, Protecting, Caring


1.      He loves

  • Jesus is the great example.  John 10
    • He loves his people and  his community


2.      He feeds

  • Sheep need proper nourishment
    • Word, Worship, Fellowship, and Ministry


3.      He leads

  • He has a vision and a strategy (followship)
    • Where is the church going?  How is it going to get there?


4.      He protects

  • The world is a dangerous and discouraging place
    • That is why the sheep need to stay together!!!!!
  • Tools for the trade: Teaching, Standing, Prodding


5.      He cares

  • For those God has place in his care





What others have stated:


D. A. Carson (For the Love of God, vol. 1, [Crossway: 1998] Nov. 2):

  1. Feed (as a shepherd)
  2. Defend (as a shepherd)
  3. Guide (as a shepherd)
  4. Discipline (as a shepherd)
  5. Be mature (as an elder)
  6. Be respected (as an elder)
  7. Oversee (as an overseer)
  8. Godly manage (as an overseer)
  9. Hold in spiritual accountability (as an overseer)


Mark Dever (The Deliberate Church, [Crossway: 2005], 89-95):

  1. Graze – feed the flock
  2. Guide – direct, model, equip, and keep the flock
  3. Guard – from false teachers and false teaching
  4. The 4 P’s  – preaching, prayer, personal discipleship relationships, and patience


Mark Driscoll (from Vintage Church, [Crossway: 2008], 72):

  1. Praying and studying Scripture
  2. Ruling/leading the church
  3. managing the church
  4. caring for people in the church
  5. giving account to God for the church
  6. living exemplary lives
  7. rightly using the authority God has given them
  8. teaching the Bible correctly
  9. preaching
  10. praying for the sick
  11. teaching sound doctrine and refuting false teachings
  12. working hard
  13. rightly using money and power
  14. protecting the church from false teachers
  15. disciplining unrepentant Christians
  16. developing other leaders and teachers


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