Philosophy of Ministry

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Philosophy of Ministry

1 Chronicles 29:10-15, 1 Peter 4:7-11, Colossians 1:9-23, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 11:19-26


As Christians, we exist to live a life that brings glory and honor to God as we make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We accomplish this by reaching out with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and by building up believers in their knowledge of God and His Word so they can live an obedient and joyful life of service and ministry unto the Lord and His church.


A disciple is someone:

  • that has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord
  • that is growing daily in their relationship with Him
  • that is serving Him by their involvement and ministry within the fellowship of His Church


Therefore, our purpose is to glorify & honor God by:

  • reaching out with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ
  • building up believers in their knowledge and understanding of God and His Word
  • belonging to the body of Christ and serving Him joyfully and obediently.



Reaching – This is the evangelistic arm of the church and is the means by which God has chosen to bring about His redemptive purpose. We are called to be active in sharing our faith with those around us that are unchurched and in need of a personal relationship with Christ. We do not proclaim just any message; rather, we proclaim the biblical message of Jesus Christ…the Gospel.


This involves:

  • Intentionally preaching the Word of God in our worship services and small groups
  • Intentionally building relationships with those in our personal network.

(Family members, co-workers, and neighbors)

  • Intentionally getting them exposed to the Gospel message.

(Our personal witness, the preaching of the Word, & evangelistic tracts)

  • Intentionally participating in the outreach endeavors of the church.

(Our neighborhood, our city, our state, our nation, and beyond)


Building – This is the discipleship arm of the church and is the process by which God brings growth and change to ones’ life. We encourage this work by placing emphasis on these particular areas of ministry.


  • Worship – To acknowledge God for who He is.  Personal and group worship encourages us to develop an ongoing and growing relationship with God. Our intent is to bring glory and honor to God through the singing of hymns and spiritual songs in our corporate worship services. While music and worship should engage the heart and ones’ emotion we should realize that the focal point of each service is to be centered on the worship of God and the preaching & teaching of His Word. Worship should be both celebratory and reverent.  The point is not whether we are traditional or contemporary, but the focal point is in the words we sing, the spirit of our heart, and goal that we have in mind. The key is being unified on the focus being on God and not on man.


  • Instruction – The food we need to grow spiritually is God’s Word, the Bible. The Bible is the central part of all study within the church.  There should be a balance of corporate teaching as well as small groups designed to encourage one to grow deeper in their knowledge and understanding of God and His Word.  It is only with a proper understanding of who God truly is that a life of proper decision-making, obedience, and joy can be lived out.


  • Fellowship – Real spiritual growth requires more than just information. It also requires relationships. Personal interaction lets us in on the struggles and joys of other Christians and gives us the opportunity to support and encourage each other.


This involves:

  • Growing in our own relationship with the Lord.  We must begin to enjoy growing in our knowledge and understanding of who God is.
  • Being involved with corporate worship each week…make your Sunday worship a priority of the family each week.
  • Seeking out opportunities to encourage others to grow more in their spiritual life.
  • Becoming familiar with the GROWTH resources provided by the church and looking for opportunities to read and distribute them.  (Become a student/reader of good Christian books)


Belonging/Serving– Ministry is for everyone, not just the staff of the church. God has called every believer to be involved in ministry and missions. Everyone has spiritual gifts, which can be used to go into their mission field and share the good news of Jesus Christ and encourage believers to grow in their faith. We need to expect a Christian to belong to a church and be involved with ministry. One of the many joys of our life as a follower of Christ is being involved with His work within the walls of the building and to uttermost parts of the world.


This involves:

  • Being active with the small group ministry.
  • Taking part in the outreach and encouragement ministry of your small group.
  • Volunteering to help out with the ministries within the church.
  • Taking part in the mission endeavors of the church.
  • Supporting financially the ministries of the church.