Topical Studies

The following material goes deeper into the subject matter of issues that pertain to the church and christian living.  They are a collection of my personal study notes and articles that I have come across that have been extremely helpful.  They range from theological papers to very practical outlines. (just click on headings)

Topics recently referenced in Sermons

The Doctrine of Scripture ( 19 pages of articles and teaching outlines presented at conference)

Historical Confessions and Statements on the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture

The Attributes of God – A.W. Pink

Evangelism/Sharing your faith

 Evangelism Overview (teaching outline)

What happens to those who have never heard the gospel?

What is saving FAITH (A gospel presentation the can be printed off)

How to Share the Gospel with Children

Scripture/The Bible

Verses to help us grow and change

The Doctrine of Scripture ( 19 pages of articles and teaching outlines presented at conference)

Historical Confessions and Statements on the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture

Yearly Bible Reading Plan

How to have a quiet time

Who are Southern Baptists (an overview of the SBC)

The Baptist Faith and Message

Election and Theological Unity

The doctrine of election is a deep and wonderful subject to consider, but it can also be a topic of great disagreement. Do not let the theological camps determine what you believe nor scare you away from studying the Word of God yourself.  Study the Word and allow God to encourage you and to teach you about all the great truths in regards to His sovereignty and man’s responsibility as you consider with humility the greatness of your salvation.   Years ago I decided that I will never know all the secret things of God.  I know that I came to Christ, but I also know that I did not save myself.  These two aspects are great truths that I have learned to embrace with joy and wonder.  It is not about Calvinism nor Arminianism, but rather it is about letting God be God and trusting in His Word.

Divine sovereignty and human responsibility. How should Southern Baptists respond to the issue of Calvinism?

  • Dr. Danny Akin works through his understanding of the wonderful doctrine of election.  Dr. Akin is president of Southeastern Seminary and it one of my closet “Theological Friends.”  His teaching and ministry has shaped me in many ways over the years and I owe much to him for the influence he had over me while he taught at Southern Seminary.

Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility how both biblical truths coexist in God’s grace.

  • This is a portion from J. I. Packer’s book “Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God.”

Theological Triage

  • Dr. Albert Mohler shares a good word on how to determine which doctrines and theological issues are worth fighting for and defending within our society and church context.  (Too often within the church we major on the minor)

Truth, Trust, and Testimony in a Time of Tension. (A report presented to the SBC annual meeting in 2013)

  •  The official report given to the Southern Baptist Convention in 2013 that is discussing the convention’s stance regarding the differing views of Calvinism within the Southern Baptist Convention.

Spurgeons Theology – Embracing Biblical Paradox (God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Will)

The Nature of Election. Ephesians Commentary. Tony Merida

Women and Ministry

Can women exercise authority in the church? – By: John MacArthur

Women teaching men – How far is too far? By: Mary Kassian (Desiring God)


What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage – Southern Seminary, Dr. Tom Schreiner (Youtube video – 8 min)

Divorce and Remarriage – By: John MacArthur

Topical Theological Studies

Angels, Satan, & Demons-

Bible Doctrine-Holy Spirit…Sid Litke

A Biblical Understanding of Sin… articles

Articles for living out the Christian Life – Our Sanctification

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

How to have a quiet time

Moving Toward Maturity Lessons (Small Group and Individual Study)

Life with God…Self evaluation

Making Changes in life

Questions to consider before entering a relationship with someone. ( a must read before you enter into a serious dating relationship)

Verses to help us grow and change

What the Bible teaches about death and eternal life. (a great help for someone that has recently lost a loved one)

If God is Good, Why Do So Many Bad Things Happen_ _ CCW – Christian Communicators Worldwide

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