2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 – “Our Hope in the Day of the Lord” part 1

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2 Thessalonians 2:1–12 –

“Our Hope in the Day of the Lord” part 1


The issue here is not the SPECIFICS OF THE END TIMES. The issue here for Paul is pastoral comfort.

  • We are not called plot out every detail of the end times events
  • This Scripture is not for plotting a calendar, but building character (Wiersbe)
  • We are not called to worry and fret
  • We are called to live with hope and purpose until the day arrives.

All these verses fit together to form a whole.  – Remember what we learned from chapter 1

There will be an execution of God’s Righteous Judgment (they were faced with suffering and affliction)

  1. As it relates true believers (church) – v. 5
  2. As it relates to those that are opposed and persecuting them – vv. 6-7a
  3. The time of His judgment – v. 7b
  4. The execution of His judgment – vv. 8-10
  5. He will return in glory
  6. He will be glorified in His people
  7. Those who reject will be excluded
  8. While we wait, He should be glorified in us todayvv. 11-12
    1. Living in light of chapter 2 is how!

This section of the letter (Chap 2) deals with their HOPE as it relates to the Second Coming of Christ.


  • Confident expectation in God’s fulfillment of His promises
  • Biblical hope not only desires something good for the future — it expects it to happen. And it not only expects it to happen — it is confident that it will happen (John Piper)

There will be a Day of Coming and Gathering – v. 1

Read – 1 Thess. 4:15-15:11

They apparently thought they had missed it.

Coming of Lord (Parousia)

  • 1 Thess. 4:15

Being gathered together with Him (episunago)

  • Gathering together, an assembly

A few things to consider

There is a “gathering up” of the church in regard to the Day of the Lord.

  • When – not certain (yet an extremely passionate subject)
    • Is the Day of the Lord one simultaneous event or, is the Day of the Lord more of a period of time?)
      • Before, middle, or after the tribulation
  • Why – Because believers will not face the wrath (the chapter 1 judgment of God.)
    • Some think the church will face some of the season of tribulation… to purge the church (goats and tares).

What we do know (and must agree on)

  • There will be a sudden, personal, visible, bodily return of Christ.
  • We do not know when Christ will return
  • All evangelicals agree on the final results of Christ’s return
    • Judge unbelievers, reward believers and they will live with Christ in the new heaven and new earth for all eternity.
    • We should eagerly long for Christ’s return.

We must stay focused and on task – vv. 2-3a

Do not be quickly Shaken in mind

  • Easily.
  • Reed blowing in the wind (Matt. 11:7)
  • Moving of the prison (Acts 16:26)

Do not be Alarmed

  • Disturbed.
  • Continuous state of trouble

By a Spirit or Word or Letter

  • Apostolic (anointed) preaching
  • Written letter
  • Paul was reminding them HIS APOSTOLIC CALLING.

Do not be Deceived (exapatao)

  • Deceive completely.

The Day has not come yet – vv. 3b-4

For that day will not come until,

  • The rebellion comes first – v. 3
    • Falling away
  • Man of lawlessness if revealed – v. 3
    • Son of destruction
    • Opposes God
    • Exalts himself over God
    • Antichrist – 1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7)

They were SHAKEN, ALARMED, and DECEIVED and were full of fear and anxiety.  WHICH LEADS TO DOUBT AND DISMAY.

Remember the Word – v. 5

They lost HOPE because they FORGOT THE WORDS FROM PAUL (v. 5)  He had already addressed in detail all the events of the DAY OF THE LORD.

He is reminding them how to live with Hope.  What a lesson for us today.

  • KNOW (remember) THE TRUTH

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