2 Timothy 4:6–8 – “There is laid up for me the crown of righteousness”

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2 Timothy 4:6–8

Intro thoughts

  • Paul is nearing the end of his life and he is sharing parting words
  • After encouraging Timothy to fulfill his ministry (4:5) Paul is pouring out his heart as he reflects upon his own.
  • As Paul is encouraging Timothy, we have these words to encourage us.
  • A great pattern for living in the now as we await the future
  • A life poured out as a sacrifice awaiting our crown!

Living your life in the now – vv. 6-7

Already poured out – He knew his life was coming to an end.

  • He is in his 2nd imprisonment and understands the outcome.
  • Long, hard, yet selfless life.

Drink offering – In the OT.  Pouring win on the altar as a sacrifice to God.

  • He strived to live his life as a sacrifice to the Lord
  • Paul nothing… Jesus everything.

Time of my departure has come – Untying a boat so that it may depart.

  • Paul knew he was about to leave his temporary home, so that he could arrive to his eternal home

He Fought, He Finished, He Kept

  • I have fought the fight – Agonize the good agony.
  • I have finished the race – Completed the mission God gave him
  • I have kept the faith – His trust in the Lord was his motivation


I did what God called ME to do and I did it the way in which God called me to do it!

Too often we do what we want to do… based on what we think we need and what is best.  We put our time and energy on the temporal things of the day.  (Career, Success, Ambitions… you name it)

What if we could be more like Paul

  • Living each day for God’s Glory
  • Living each day to fulfill the Great Commission (Making Disciples)
  • Living each day with a Kingdom Focus


Living your life for the future – v.8

Laid up for me – What awaits Paul. (FOR ME)

  • Because of his faith in Christ.
  • Received because he crosses the finish line
  • Parable of the soils… Receives and bears fruit

The crown of righteousness

  • The crown for finishing.
  • Paul finished is life because of righteousness…clothed with the righteousness of Christ (Not our righteousness but clothed with His!!!)

The Lord, the righteous judge – Given by Christ

  • The finished work of Christ
  • Just as Christ said…” It is Finished”
  • Paul can say as he receives the crown from Christ… “IT IS FINISHED”

For all those who have loved His appearing

  • Had loved is perfect tense… something that took place in the past with continuing impact.
  • His appearing – Longing to see Him.  Excited about His return
  • Live a life of joyful expectation… we could see Him at any moment

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