ALL IN at TAB– Passion, Purpose, Excellence and Truth

Implementing our ALL IN Vision

A vision that considers every generation

  • What is our average age?  What needs to change?
  • Structuring our ministries with the family in mind.
  • Having a “whatever” it takes mindset.
  • Being intentional, yet flexible.
  • LESS I and more THEM.
  • Longing for the future rather than clinging to the past (Phone and fax example).

An emphasis on spiritual growth over numerical growth

  • Intentional evangelism and discipleship strategies (Reaching Out and Building up)
  • Putting a strong emphasis on Sunday worship, SS, Wednesday nights, and DLIFE.
  • Having seasonal topical studies/small groups… other than SS and Dlife. (Wed & Sundays)
  • Weekender Conferences
  • Biblical counseling and discipleship training
  • Emphasis on the Word
  • Emphasis on personal holiness (personal study and growth)
  • Emphasis on prayer
  • Expectations and accountability (Biblical and loving)

An excitement and priority for gathering on the Lord’s Day

  • Make Sunday a big deal!  Who are we worshiping!!!!!
  • A worshipful (Singing) church
  • A welcoming church
  • Worship services that are theologically sound and congregationally involved
  • Keeping in mind the next generation

A priority on our grounds and facilities

  • Welcoming and Inviting
  • Excellence in all things
  • Taking care of our grounds
  • Refurbishing our facilities

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