First Baptist Church,

Our Staff, Deacons, and Leadership have been in discussion and prayer regarding COVID-19, and in light of the recommendations from our President and our Governor to postpone large gatherings, here is our immediate course of action:

  • Effective immediately ALL gatherings on our campus are cancelled.
  • This includes all Sunday services, mid-week events, and other ministry activities through April 5th.

Here is what we can do as we continue to trust in the Lord:

  • Stay Connected through online opportunities.  Join us each Sunday as a preaching/teaching time will be made available on our YouTube channel. https://www.fbcap.net/fbcap/media. We will also provide information and other opportunities on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/firstbaptistavonpark/
  • Contact one another.  I assume many of our schedules will be changing over the next few weeks.  Utilize this time to call and encourage one another.  Stay in contact with your SS class and small groups.  Call throughout the week to check in and pray for one another.
  • Grow in your walk with the Lord.  What a great opportunity to grow closer to the Lord in prayer, Bible study, family worship, and reading.
  • Continue to give. First Baptist is a generous church, and we want to demonstrate our faith by tithing in this time of crisis.  We need to remember our missionaries and all the ministries we support as a Southern Baptist Church.  You can give by mail, drop off during normal business hours (we even have a drop box), and within the next few days, there will be an updated online giving option.


God is sovereign, and He is good.  He is all-wise, and He is all-loving. He is in complete control of this global event and He is faithfully in control of each of our lives. We can, and must, trust Him. This means that while we remain realistic and attentive to the wise advice of those who are leading both our national and state response to COVID-19, we do not fear as those who have no hope.

I love you, and am praying for you,

Pastor Jon

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