Luke 1:5-25

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Luke 1:5-25 – Pointing the way… John the Baptist


  • The preparation…
  • The coming of Christ is taking place
  • The announcement of the birth of John the Baptist
  • The messiah is coming

Zechariah and Elizabeth – vv. 5-9

  • Their character
    • Righteous before God
    • Walking blamelessly in God’s statues and commands
  • Their circumstances
    • No children
    • Society would have questioned their obedience to God
  • Their calling
    • Once in a lifetime for priestBoth faithful and serving…IN SPITE OF CIRCUMSTANCES
    • Altar of incense. Prayers lifted up to God
    • Serving = Do what the Lord has called us to do

Gabriel’s presence and Message – vv. 10-17

  • Do not be afraid – v.  13
  • Your prayer has been heard – v. 13
    • You will bear a son
    • You shall call him John
  • You will have joy and gladness
    • Many will rejoice at his birth
  • He will be great before the Lord
  • He will be filled with the Holy Spirit
    • Even from his mothers womb
  • He will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord
  • He will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah
    • Turn hearts
    • Make ready =for the Lord a people prepared

This is the FIRST VOICE OF GOD SINCE MALACHI…over 400 years.

Zechariah’s Reaction – v. 18

  • How shall I know this
    • He is standing before Gabriel?????
    • Has he forgotten about Abraham and Sarah?????
  • Before we judge… we must remember that no one is perfect.  He obviously was a righteous man that was serving the Lord.
  • A better question should be…. WHAT ARE WE DOUBTING ABOUT WHAT GOD?

Gabriel’s Closing Words – vv. 19-25

  • I am Gabriel
  • I stand in the presence of God
  • I was sent to speak
  • You will be silent until…


  • Redemptions History… all points to the Gospel
  • Over 400 years of silence… Gabriel speaks.
    • The forerunner is part of redemption history
    • A bridging of the Old and the New
  • Altar of incense
    • Must be holy – set apart
    • Our prayers to God… only by priest
  • JESUS FULFILLED…. on through Christ
  • THE LORD HAS DONE – v. 25
  • John the Baptist is pointing to the holy one
  • His message will be repentance
  • Their sin…. the need of forgiveness
  • The need for a HOLY ONE

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