Luke 3:23-38 – The Genealogy of Jesus

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Luke 3:23–38


  • Matthew 1:1-17
  • Whereas Matthew traces Jesus’ lineage from Abraham to emphasize Jesus’ Jewish heritage, Luke traces it back to Adam to show that Jesus is the fulfillment of the hopes of all people[1]
  • Luke from Jesus to Adam
  • Matthew from Abraham to Joseph
  • Luke through Mary (Biological descent)
  • Matthew through Joseph (Legal descent)
  • The genealogy is a great picture of salvation.
    • Man
    • God
    • Jesus

A Picture of Humanity

  • Real people (humanity)
  • Not perfect
  • Did great things, made bad mistakes
  • People in need of a Savior
    • Romans 3:23 – ALL HAVE SINNED

A Picture of God’s Faithfulness

  • Generation after Generation
    • Psalm 100:1-5
  • Blesses obedience
  • Disciplines disobedience
  • Continues with His Covenant promises
    • All the promises of Scripture
  • God is God
    • Psalm 136:1

A Picture of Jesus

  • Born into this world
  • Identifying with humanity
  • Supposedly the son of Joseph

Son of David – v. 31

  • Will reign forever – Revelation 11:15

Son of Abraham – v. 34

  • The promised seed – Galatians 3:16

Son of Adam – v. 38

  • The new Adam
  • He was from man, yet perfect
  • He fulfills what Adam could not
  • Hebrews 2:17
  • 1 Corinthians 15:45

Son of God – v. 38

  • Luke 1:31–35
  • Luke 2:11
  • Luke 3:22.

[1] Crossway Bibles, The ESV Study Bible (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles, 2008), 1954.

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