Nehemiah 2:9-20 “A Faith that Works”

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Nehemiah 2:9–20


  • The balance of spiritual and practical leadership.
    • We can be a Godly person, but not good at the doing of things
    • We can be a practical hard worker and not be very spiritual
  • In these verses we some good practical leadership skills.
  • Nehemiah has a task to do, and he shows us how to get started.
  • He is a great example of having a faith that results in works.

Realize the situation at hand – vv. 9-11

The problem was rebuilding the wall

  • It was massive
  • It had been attempted before
  • There is intense opposition

It was big task, yet (remember) Nehemiah was a man of deep faith.

Develop a strategy to succeed – vv. 12-16

He went out on his own to see that city.


We have great ideas, but how is our follow through????

  • Take the time necessary to think it through
  • Pray it out… write it out
  • Life is more than just an emotional decision, it takes planning
  • Ideas are easy… the strategy is where we get bogged down
    • Church life
    • Home life

Learn to involve others – vv. 17-18

Leadership is followship

  • Leadership is often about motivation
  • Leadership is not just telling…
  • I follow Jesus, others follow me, and etc.

The great commission… “make disciples”

  • Disciples making disciples
  • Christian people are people persons.
  • Introvert or extrovert… we are about people.

I often see young men that love Jesus and the Bible, but struggle with people.

  • A call to pastor is more than just teaching… it is a call the SHEPHERD people.

Expect opposition to come – v. 19

They jeered and despised them

  • Yet, it was not them but the Lord’s purpose and plan
  • The world is not opposed to us… they are opposed to God

Remember that it is ultimately a work of God – v. 20

“The God of heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will arise and build…”

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