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Theological Convictions

I love theology and the study of God’s Word.  I consider myself a biblical, conservative, evangelical and missional theologian. Therefore, being proud of my Baptist background and heritage I embrace these truths and am passionate about allowing them to drive my life and my ministry.


While reformed in my thinking, I have intentionally strayed away from claiming a specific theological camp or label. I passionately believe that we serve a God that is absolutely in control of all things, but it is also clear to me in scripture that we are responsible for our actions and that our actions come with consequences.

The sovereignty of God and human responsibility are two truths that are clearly taught in scripture. They are two precious gifts from the Lord and do not need to be at odds with one another. They are two theological friends, not enemies, so therefore they do not need to be reconciled.

Hopefully, our love for theological truth will stir our hearts to be active in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to a world that so desperately needs to embrace it. As believers, we need to be a people that believe the Gospel, live out the Gospel, and share the Gospel!

Doctrinal Statements I affirm:

The Baptist Faith and Message – The doctrinal statement of the Southern Baptist Convention.  2000 revision.




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