1 Corinthians 1:1-9 – “To the church of God that is in Corinth”

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1 Corinthians 1:1-9

Introduction material from previous post – Introduction and background of I Cor.


  • We often quickly read through the introduction of the Epistles.
  • Yet, they are full of truth that will encourage, convict, and strengthen.
  • We are the Church! God’s people in His Church.
  • We should leave here this morning with deeper love for the Lord and what it means to called, saved, and placed into His Church.

The Greeting – vv. 1-3

The Letter is from God


  • An apostle – God’s authoritative messenger

To His Church

God’s church

  • Belongs to God
  • He will build it
  • Christ is the head

To a particular people

  • In Corinth
  • Individual people part of the body

Sanctified in Christ Jesus

  • Set apart. Special. Unique
  • All the self-esteem we need… understanding who we are in Christ.

Called to be saints together

  • Locally and Universally
  • With everyone.  All who have trusted in the finished work of Christ

The Thanksgiving – vv 4-9

Paul was thankful because:

They were saved

  • Paul was thankful for them and their salvation.
  • Because of the grace of God given to IN CHRIST JESUS. Eph. 2:8-10
  • He was thankful they were part of THE CHURCH

They were enriched – to be caused to become wealthy in resources

  • In all utterance and knowledge
    • In what can be said and know
    • KNOWLEDGE. The Word and the Spirit does the teaching… we do the digging!
    • BE ARE LEARNER! We should be Moving toward Maturity!
    • What we KNOW impacts how we LIVE

They were confirmed – Proven to be true.

  • In giftedness – You are not lacking in any in gift
    • In how we serve
    • Our service and ministry unto the Lord and His Church
  • In hope
    • As we wait and long for the Lord
    • Eager and busy for His return and our eternal home.
  • In position and progress
    • Sustained – settled security.
    • Guiltless, blameless (not perfect but redeemed by the blood of the Lamb) Romans 8:1,33 – NO condemnation
    • Justification… not guilty.
    • Yet, we do not need to forget about our sanctification.  The daily growing and changing into the likeness of Christ.

They were called

  • Into the fellowship of His Son. Koinonia – Spiritual oneness
  • Into the blessings of redemption
  • Our calling is not based on us, but rather Paul’s thankfulness was rooted in GOD’S FAITHFULNESS.


Just consider the text today…Consider the joys that we possess as the Church in Christ.

Do you truly know Him?

Do you realize what it means to be saved, enriched, confirmed, and called into fellowship with Christ Jesus?

Know Him today.  Live for Him today.

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