Hebrews 4:11–13 – “For the Word of God is Living and Active”

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Hebrews 4:11–13

  • We continue our series on “How be the people/church of the living God”
  • The foundational truths that should motivate and guide us.
  • Today we take a second look at the greatness of God’s Word
  • The background of this passage is Psalm 95

On the front end we see the concept of entering the rest.  On the back end we see that all of life is open and bare before the Lord. Tucked in the middle is the KEY!

The Invitation to Enter the Restv.11

Strive to enter the rest

  • The opposite of striving is drifting
  • Rest – the promise land. In Psalm 95 it refers to the presence of God. In the NT it points to the new life in Christ (Our Salvation)

So that one may not fall

  • Due to disobedience

The first generation that came out of Egypt were drifters.  They FELL.  Perished in the wilderness

  • The Israelites refused to trust in and obey God.
  • They stood at the brink of the promise land and would not go.
  • They were afraid, they thought they would be defeated.  They looked at the world/circumstances and would not trust the Word of God.
  • They failed to act in faith (live out) God’s Word

May it not be that same for us today.  May we understand how great a gift the Word of God is for us today.  May we truly embrace the greatness of God’s Word.

The Word is Living and Active

  • Inspired – God breathed 2 Tim. 3:16-17
  • Powerful – Romans 1:16
  • Effective – Isaiah 55:11
    • Does exactly what it is supposed to do.
  • Sufficient – It is enough.

The Word is Sharp and Piercing

  • Short dagger. Very sharp!
  • Two edged
    • Judges and Sanctifies
  • Pointed and Penetrating.
  • Goes right through.
  • Soul and Spirit – The inner man
    • Not just having the WORD BUT HAVING THE WORD WITHIN US

The Word is Discerning

Discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart

  • Judges, sifts, and analyzes
  • Heart – Who we really are. Our motives and attitudes


Take Heed to the Invitation – v. 13

No creature is hidden from His sight

  • God is all knowing (Omniscient)
  • All God’s thoughts and actions are perfectly informed by perfect knowledge (ESV Study Bible)


  • He knows our heart
  • He sent His son
  • He forgives

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