John 6:1-21 – The feeding, the coronation and the storm.

My sermon notes from Sunday, July 23rd   as we continue our study through The Gospel of John. Remember, these are my study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon.  To see the sermon each week please visit


John 6:1-21

Intro Stuff:

  • 1st reference of a multitude following. 2nd of 3rd reference of Passover, so it is at least a year since 2:13 (Temple cleansing)
  • Crowd has grown (the signs have made him known)
  • The significance of bread. Jesus and Moses.  Moses provided bread and Jesus provided bread.
  • Moses delivered the people through the Red Sea. Jesus walked on the water.


Getting into the text:

The Feeding – SIGN 4

Only miracle mentioned in all 4 Gospels…along with resurrection

(could have been up to 20,00…5,000 men)


The hopelessness of the people

  • A great need. No food
  • Physical, but the greater need is spiritual.


The possible solutions

  1. Mark 6:35 – The disciples…send them away
  2. From Philip – Raise money to feed them.
    1. $ is the answer. Mans way to do things.
  3. Andrew – Bring the boy to Jesus. Doing something.  At least Andrew was about bringing people to Jesus. 1:40, 12:20
  4. Jesus – Do the supernatural. DO WHAT NO ONE ELSE CAN DO.
    1. Not only fed them, but 12 baskets left over


The Coronation

The wanted to make His King.


The time was not right.

  • Was not time yet. God’s plan of redemption.
  • They wanted a military/political king, but they needed a suffering servant. The cross awaited Him.


Their heart was not right

  • They wanted to be their King, but did not recognize that HE WAS KING!
  • They wanted needs met…the miraculous.
  • They needed their sins forgiven….their greatest need.



  • They wanted physical and political, but their need was spiritual.
  • Their loyalty was not right. Their Jesus was not right.



The storm – SIGN 5

Matt 14:22, Mark 6:45


Jesus sends them ahead (Mt and Mk) so that He can go to the mountain and pray.


He was preparing Himself – He was seeking the Father

  • As the conflict and the crowds increase there is temptation to by-pass the cross.


He was preparing the Disciples

  • In the midst of storms we can trust in Christ
  • He is Lord of ALL.
  • Providing food
  • Calming the storm – Lord of creation.
  • 107:28-30


Lessons from the Word

  1. God the possible with the impossible
  2. God uses humble means to accomplish greatness
  3. The initial need was met…plus much
  4. God uses His followers to accomplish His will
    1. Dependence and Obedience
  5. We must never forget the true nature of His Lordship
    1. Not political, not physical, but SPIRITUAL
  6. God put His followers in situations to test their faith so that they can develop a deeper faith.
  7. Jesus is greater than Moses…..HE IS THE ANSWER!!!!! TO JEWS AND TO US!

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