Luke 7:1-10 – “Amazing Faith”

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Luke 7:1–10


  • He just finished the Sermon
  • The meaning of real faith
    • The centurions was a man of amazing faith
  • The authority of Jesus Christ
    • He can heal with a word and from a distance
  • Ministry outside the Jewish community

The Man

Centurion was leader of 100 men. Stationed in Capernaum.

He loved those he ruled – v. 2

  • His servant was sick (valued his servant)A beloved guest at a banquet.

  • Person of authority loves those he leads.

He was loved by others – vv. 4-5

  • Elders pleaded “He is worthy”

He was humble – v. 6

  • I am not worthy

He was hopeless

  • Not in his strength nor might.

His Faith

Acknowledged Jesus as Lord – v. 6


Trusted in His word – v. 7

  • Say the Word

His Savior

Jesus went – v. 6

  • Notice, the centurion did not come.  Jesus went.

  • He came to seek and save – Luke 19:10

  • Give life more abundantly – John 10:10

Jesus was amazed – v. 9

  • Because of the man’s faith
    • He was not surprised, He was pointing out the amazement of the GENTILE’S faith

  • The faith of a Gentile, yet rejected by His own

Jesus healed – v. 10

  • The power of the Word

  • Heals, Restores, Gives life

What now?

Do we have the same faith today?

Do we believe that only Jesus can make things right?

Do we truly trust in the compassion and authority of Christ?

Do we share this hope of Christ to others?

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