Psalm 10 – “O LORD, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear.”

My teaching notes for Wednesday, July 7th. I am currently teaching through the book of Psalms.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the teaching.

Resources utilized for preparation and study:

  • Psalms Vol. 1.The NIV Application Commentary, Gerald H. Wilson.
  • Psalms. Vol. 5. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Tremper Longman III and David Garland.

Psalm 10

Intro Thoughts

  • The balance of living in hostility and living in hope
  • Wickedness is everywhere
  • God is still God.  This is His creation.
  • The devil is alive and real
  • The devil is defeated

The questions – v. 1

  • The questions indicate the true heart
  • Anxiety and worry over the situation
  • Feel alone, helpless, no end in sight

The Wickedness of the day – vv. 2-11

Real enemies and concerns for God’s covenant people

The Hearts of the wicked – vv.2-5

  • Live like little “g” gods.
  • Ultimately their agenda is against God not us
  • It is spiritual in nature (soul) v. 3-4
  • Arrogance, boastful, greedy
    • Remember… It is always a heart issue! – v.6
  • Says in his heart – v. 6
    • No need for God, No fear of God

The Words of the wicked – v. 7

Mouth is full of

  • Deceit, oppression, mischief, iniquity
  • Loud, but empty! NO TRUTH TO IT

The Actions of the Wicked – vv. 8-11

Targeting God’s people

  • Always has been and always will be
  • Sits in ambush. Hiding
  • Eyes watch for

Crushed and Fall – v. 10

  • The helpless appear to be defeated

A Cry for Deliverance – vv. 12-15

The prayer of the afflicted

  • God show yourself
  • God deliver me
  • God defeat the enemy

Hand – His strength and power

Break the arm – His justice demonstrated by judgment

The Reigning King – v. 16

Our hope in a hopeless word lies IN OUR UNDERSTANDING OF WHO GOD IS

  • Remember His attributes.

King forever and forever

  • Never changes
  • Always

The Conclusion – vv. 17-18

God will hear

  • Desire of the heart

God will strengthen

  • Their heart (Faith, Spiritual)
  • Circumstances may not change but our perspective will

God will act justly

  • God ALWAYS acts justly and lovingly.

God will defeat the enemy

  • The devil is not all knowing and all powerful
  • He is limited in power

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