Living out the Christian Life

There is no magic formula to growing in your relationship with Christ. I am afraid too many are looking for that “new” thing that can spark an inner fire that will allow them to really live out the Christian life.

The truth is that as believers we HAVE all we need to live an obedient and faithful life as followers of Jesus Christ. WE HAVE THE SPIRIT OF GOD, THE WORD OF GOD, and THE PEOPLE OF GOD.

Here is my simple formula

  • Be sure you have been born again. Not just believing in Jesus, but understanding that you have been converted and truly trusted in Christ to forgive you of your sin.
  • Love the Bible, read the Bible and meditate upon the Bible. Begin living out the truths of Scripture.
  • Pray often. Talk some and listen more! Praying is not just telling God what you need, but rather listening to God’s will for your life. Make your communion with God a daily practice.
  • Make Church a really big deal. Find a God-Glorifying, Bible-Centered, and Disciple-Making Church and attend faithfully.
  • Serve others. Realize that life is not just about you. Look for ways to help and encourage others.
  • Share the good news of the Gospel with others. Share the joy you have in your relationship with Christ. A great way to start is inviting others to worship with you at your church.

Here are a few articles and studies that may be helpful.

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Daily Reading Bible – A daily reading Bible with OT, NT, Psalms, & Proverbs each day.

Bible Reading Plans – An online resource providing different reading plans.

How to Have a Quiet Time – Spend time each day in the Bible and in prayer.

Moving Toward Maturity Lessons (Great for Small Group and Individual Study)

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Verses to help us grow and change – Study, memorize, and meditate on the Word each day.

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (Over a course of years, Edwards drew up these resolutions in order to keep his heart and mind focused on the things of God. They can also be a great encouragement for us today as we strive to live a life of obedience and holiness)