Wed. Night material – SBC Convention 2019 & Resolution #9

Here are the articles referenced during the Wed Night recap of the SBC Convention.


Resolution #9 – Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

The original resolution presented by Stephen Feinstein

  • This is the original resolution that was brought forth the Resolution Committee.

SBC RESOLUTION #9 Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality (the resolution that passed)

  • The resolution that came out of Committee and presented before the Convention.  This is the resolution that was affirmed by majority vote.

Discussion and the amendments presented by Tom Ascol

  • Here is the discussion and the amendments that were brought forth by Tom Ascol.  (This took place on the floor of the convention)
  • Here is the Founders Ministry YouTube Channel.  You can see podcasts that go into greater detail of this issue.   Founders Ministry – Youtube


The BRIEFING  – By Albert Mohler.