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Luke 10:1-24 – “Called and Sent”

Luke 10:1-24


  • The disciples have been called and sent
  • The 72 going out, then return
  • We too have been called and sent
  • It is really a pretty simple formula to live out ourselves

Actively Live for the Lord – vv. 1-2

Willing and Sent

  • Luke 9:23
  • Luke 9:57-62 (last week)


  • For our Availability
    • Stay on mission (Passion and Focus)
  • For Gospel Opportunity

Anticipate the battle – vv. 3-4

Facing the enemy

  • Wolves – Spiritual enemies
  • John 10:7-18

Depending on the Lord

  • Sheep
  • Protection & provision (take nothing)

Preach the truth of the Gospel – vv. 5-16

Peace (for those that receive)

  • Received as a messenger from God
  • They had nothing
  • Others supported
  • God uses our means to help with the spread of the Gospel

Judgment (for those that reject)

  • No middle ground. REPENTANCE
  • All the cities (OT and NT) rejected God
  • Either for or against
  • RECEIVE and BELIEVE John 1:12

Rejoice in the Lord – vv. 17-24

Evil is overcome

  • The power of the Apostles message
  • Demons then, Satan later
  • The Gospel today… delivering sinners to saints

Our Salvation

  • Nevertheless – v. 20
  • Reality of our salvation. Who we are in Christ
  • The danger of the DOING over the BEING
  • Finding our joy in who we are, rather than on what we are doing.

God’s Sovereign rule

  • He is Lord of all
    • Works behind the scenes
    • Opens minds and eyes
  • Redemptive history
    • Old and New Covenants
    • The timeline of the Gospel
  • Jesus is the way, truth and life John 14:6

Luke 9:23-27 – “Following After Jesus”

My sermon notes for Sunday morning, Sept 17th.  Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon. They are provided as an outline each week for our Tabernacle Church family. The church provides a live stream of the service each Sunday at 10:30 on Facebook. We also provide the services through YouTube by Sunday afternoon.  You can find Sermon Notes, Family Devotional Guides, Prayer List, and other resources at our Church Website.

Luke 9:23-27


  • Previous… Peter professes who Christ is
  • Now, Jesus is sharing the cost of believing it and living this life out (totally and faithfully)
  • Jesus’ mission becomes our mission
  • Discipleship is followship
  • Discipleship requires a cross
  • Two Crosses
    • His
    • Mine

IF anyone would come after me… DISCIPLESHIP

  • IF….
  • We were dead, but now are alive.
  • The life of a Chrisitan should be radically different than the unconverted.
  • We say we believe in the Gospel, have accepted the Gospel, what about LIVING OUT THE GOSPEL.


Deny self

  • Me, Me, Me
    • The wrong – I need, I desire, I am due, I am owed
    • The right – I find my hope/passion in HIM THROUGH ME
  • Me nothing. Him everything
  • How is it working with me in charge?
  • Allow Him to be who He is… in our life
  • We can only have one master in life….HE IS SAVIOR AND LORD!
  • Proverb 3:5-6

Take up the Cross

  • EMBRACE your purpose
    • Vision, Passion, Determination
  • SEEK God’s will (Listen to and trust in God’s Word)
    • Matthew 6:33; 1 Chronicles 16:11
    • The Spirit of God and the Word of God
  • LEARN to handle adversity
    • Setbacks and Suffering
  • LIVE for His Glory
    • Live in His presence Psalm 16:11
    • No glory without the cross.

Galatians 2:20 – Crucified with Christ

Galatians 5:24 – Crucified the flesh and its passions

Follow after Him

  • Obedience
    • Love, Listen, and Do
  • Continuous
  • Joyous


WHOEVER…Gain or loss

Lose – the satisfactions of this world

Gain – The satisfaction of being in the presence of JESUS

John 12:25

THE JUDGMENT – vv. 25-26

Gains the whole world

  • Everything this life has to offer (Christless life)
  • Ambitions, achievements, pleasures

Ashamed of me

  • Jesus the ultimate and eternal judge
  • Those that DO NOT deny self, take up the cross, and follow Him

Luke 5:27-32 – “When Jesus Calls””

Luke 5:27-32


  • The impact of Jesus and the Gospel
  • Rejected in His hometown
  • Then he encounters the Demonic, Leper, Paralytic, TAX COLLECTOR
  • All were viewed in a negative light
  • All received God’s favor and grace
  • A wonderful picture of how the Gospel changes lives
  • A wonderful picture of the call to follow Jesus
  • Levi and Sinner.  Jesus the Savior…  A Changed life

Levi was just living life as normal

Levi –Matthew (Matthew 9:9)

  • Tax collector (hated, despised, low of the low)
  • His calling, his life.
  • Doing all he knew to do

Then came Jesus

Levi was in the midst of everyday life. We have no idea what he was thinking or his inner disposition. All we know is Jesus showed up. This is exactly what happened in our life. One minute we are lost and the next minute we hear…FOLLOW ME. IT WAS REAL AND PERSONAL.

Doctrine of election

Effectual call

The call to those that come. Matthew 22:14, Romans 8:30

Follow Me

Repentance and Faith

Life change was immediate

Toward Christ (His devotion and worship)

His acknowledgement and worship of the Lord

  • And leaving everything, he rose and followed him
  • LEFT (self) – FOLLOWED (Christ)
  • Prepared a great feast in his house
  • Notice the joy
  • Excitement
  • Acknowledging His Lordship (what He had done for him)

As J.C. Ryle said, nothing can happen to a man which ought to be such an occasion of joy, as his conversion. It is a far more important event than being married, or coming of age, or being made a nobleman, or receiving a great fortune. It is the birth of an immortal soul! It is the rescue of a sinner from hell! It is a passage from death to life! It is being made a king and priest forevermore! It is being provided for, both in time and eternity! It is adoption into the noblest and richest of all families, the family of God!

Philip Graham Ryken, Luke, ed. Richard D. Phillips, Philip Graham Ryken, and Daniel M. Doriani, vol. 1, Reformed Expository Commentary (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2009), 230–231.

Toward Others (His burden and witness)

there was a large company of tax collectors and others

  • Utilizing his influence and network
  • Big crowd


  • Probably indicates that they were listening to Jesus teach
  • Eager to LEARN MORE. GROWING!!!!!!
  • Levi is already living the D-LIFE.

Remember, the world is opposed to the mission of Jesus

PEOPLE NEED THE GOSPEL. They are lost and dead in their trespasses and sin.

Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?

  • Jesus’ association with those of the world
  • Having a heart for ministry.  OTHERS
  • Building, Sharing, Inviting, Bringing, Discipling

I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.

  • Righteous
    • They thought they were.  We need nothing.  All we need is within us.
  • Sinners
    • I need help.  Me nothing and Jesus everything.